Come on, people! We get a good rain on Monday, a good soaking rain during the morning and what do I see on Wednesday morning, but sprinklers running in several yards. The yards don't need water two days after it rains. They definitely don't need a lot of water since it's not even hot anymore. Turn off the sprinklers. Please!

We haven't had water for 180 days and yet I don't see people making any effort to save water. California Water Service is about to start fining people and/or companies that are wasting water. You certainly don't want that.

Look at the dams and rivers that are going dry. We don't know how much rain we will get this year but it still won't be enough to get us out of the drought. We need to do our part NOW or we may not be able to water the lawn at all.

— Betsy Gosling, Bakersfield