Thank you for an excellent editorial on charter change. You hit on every cylinder.

Yes, Bakersfield's city charter is our local Constitution. It should not be looked upon lightly.

Change for arbitrary and capricious reasons of more money and power is not the answer.

The key or goal in reviewing Bakersfield’s city charter must be good government. The people of Bakersfield deserve no less.

As always, I am available to share my experience and institutional history on the subject of charter change. I've been there, done that during the times you mention while I was a Bakersfield city councilman.

I know what changes were made then. Context is important.

Michael Turnipseed has accused me of "...seeing things through rose-colored glasses."


I challenge Mr. Turnipseed to debate these charter-change proposals in public, any time, anywhere.

There is something about sunshine — it keeps things from festering.

There is more than meets the eye on this issue. I will reveal more. Just ask.