Some people simply go too far in trying to get their point across as in a Feb. 24 Letter to the Editor ("What a con job"). The writer used The Californian to vent his frustrations.

Many writers are so steeped in their particular political views that they are wiling to write without thinking. The writer crossed the line when he wrote "Donald Trump is not Adolph Hitler. He is far more dangerous." People find pleasure in comparing the person they hate the most to Hitler. We read it all the time, especially in newspapers.

I was never a fan of President Obama. After his election, I was asked what I thought about him. I responded the same to all — ask me next year when I can give you an educated opinion. I never spoke of him as though he was trash. He was the president of the United States of America, the place I was born and the place I hope to die.

It is simply a cheap shot to compare anyone to Hitler. Politics aside, we are better than that. Has the writer never heard of Auschwitz or Dachau?

You can get on the internet and search for propaganda against the president or hang with other haters, as you and your comparisons will become more and more abstract in comparison to reality.

I suggest the writer visit the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust and express his comparison. His chutzpah unexpectedly might find him with a boot in his behind.

— Craig Garrett, Arvin