Unrelenting Trump supporters, how many of you think it is disgusting he used 9/11 for campaigning? He did it off the back of the worst attack on American soil. On top of that, he emceed a boxing match for millions of dollars on 9/11! That is bold face wrong.

How many of you think his silly wall (which is falling apart) is a good thing? He couldn’t get it done. Four years. Mexico did note pay. As a matter of fact, Trump tried to take money from our defense funds to build it. Did you forget his promise?

How about the fact that he is on tape discussing how serious COVID was, then turned around and lied to the American people by saying it was no big deal, directly resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths? What is the excuse for this?

Now he is attending funerals of the 13 soldiers who died in Afghanistan all for political campaigning reasons. Don’t believe me? Let me support this statement. In France, he did not attend a ceremony honoring our fallen because his hair would get wet. Or this beauty: Asking a man who lost a son to war, Trump asks, on the sacred grounds of Arlington National Cemetery, “What did they get out of it?” Amazing!

Have you not noticed he and the Republicans have absolutely no platform? If you do, can you explain it? Name calling, confusion creating, and lying are not an agenda.

— Mark Perttula, Bakersfield