A recent article ("Plan to thin out the forest on Mount Pinos draws opposition," April 12) reminds us once again of how our government disrespects and ignores the historical significance and importance of sacred landmarks to Native American tribes.

Mount Pinos is a sacred place, especially to Chumash people. To this day it is a site for important ceremonies and yearly blessings. The Forest Service has limited public comment and review (due May 7) and has not conducted necessary outreach to those who will be most affected by its planned actions.

I urge those who care about the issue to comment before the deadline and write to the Forest Service (https://cara.ecosystem-management.org/Public/CommentInput?Project=58380), tell them that they must conduct an environmental impact study and take into account the spiritual and religious significance Mount Pinos has to California Native Americans.

— Audrey R. Alvarado, board member, Chalon Indian Nation of California, Bakersfield