It is amazing to me that no one has yet to comment on the really bad idea of composting household consumables. The powers that be just assume everyone will throw their food scraps, meat trimmings, peelings etc. in the convenient “green can” to be properly disposed of at the site on Mt. Vernon.

What are you folks thinking! The green can has “holes” in the bottom to let the moisture out of clippings, etc. It will also let out any drippings from food stuffs that are placed inside. No one has considered that Bakersfield has very hot summers (duh) and with that comes flies, all kinds of flies, which produce maggots, which produce more flies. It’s bad enough now but add many thousands of green cans and it will certainly increase!

Has anyone considered the smell? Drop by the landfill some warm summer day and get a whiff of "dump!" That’s what your neighborhood is going to smell like. Has anyone even considered what the smell of rotting garbage attracts? It attracts rats, mice, feral dogs, skunks, possums and the occasional raccoon! The vermin (larger ones) will tip the can over and create a really big mess that someone (guess who?) will have to clean up. None of this is even mentioned?

I don’t understand how this has not been thought through to a logical conclusion. No, the powers that be just say ... ”put it in the green can”! Not going to work, folks.

— Neal Janzen, Bakersfield