Senator Manchin (a fossil fueled obstructionist?) has been repeatedly lobbied (Citizens Climate Lobby) to support bills such as HR 2307, which would cut emissions rapidly and make mandates even more effective). It puts a price on carbon, from whatever source, and increases the fees each year.

Won’t that raise the cost of energy? Yes. Does that mean financial pain for all citizens? No. Every citizen would receive an equal rebate from the fees as required by the bill. Studies (Ummel, for example) point out that 85 percent of households would be made good, or better.

Every investment, every purchase would bend toward clean energy, as the "playing field" is made more fair when polluters are appropriately dinged by fees. Estimates (REMI, Resources for the Future) say carbon cuts are in line with U.S. targets by 2030.

So, Senator Manchin: If you do not support this approach (during reconciliation) you have some explaining to do. Vague cliches will not cut it.

— Jan Freed, Los Angeles