This is a rebuttal to Rich Lowry's piece, "Real Biden presidency emerges," Sept. 13. Once again Rich Lowry's opinion and perspective is muddied by his real agenda. As a notable right-wing pundit, he spews conjecture designed to shatter Biden's presidency. It's true that current polls show a decline in support for Biden, especially among Independents.

However, Biden and his team inherited a mess from the start. In my lifetime, no other president inherited a predicament that involved 1) leaving a war zone, 2) ending a major pandemic, and 3) fixing a broken economy. Most of Biden's recent provocative actions addressed no-win scenarios, or were made necessary by political opponents who are defiant in the face of a virus that is completely apolitical in nature.

Lowry is correct when he states that "Biden's presidency is not a colossus bestriding the political universe..." Hmmm? Whoever claimed Biden's presidency is a colossus? Answer: Nobody!

His crass declaration that the Biden presidency is a "middling administration, at best" is premature by at least four years. The following issues will determine an accurate historical view of Biden's tenure: 1) Did we conquer COVID-19? 2) Did we rebuild our ailing economy? 3) Did we address both physical and social infrastructure needs? 4) Did we finally solve any of the decades-long problems related to immigration and border security with humane solutions?

Since we don't have the answers to these important questions, Biden's political obituary is very premature, and his real legacy has by no means "emerged."

— Steven Pearson, Bakersfield