I subscribe to The Californian to be apprised of local news events and the "what's happening" around town. I also look forward to reading the Opinion section, and especially Letters to the Editor. The Dec. 31 offerings were especially entertaining as I was struck with an epiphany after I read the retired educator's rant.

It was revealed to me there are some people out there I will refer to as "Hmmmers." They ruminate during their waking hours about all things real and imagined as they "Hmmm" like the character in "Slingblade." I took his attempt to redefine and politicize what a "cult" is and classifying all Trump supporters as "cultish."

I have real reservations of people who make attempts to subterfuge. I've noticed this with almost every "educator" that has ever written to this column. They're all government employees. Scared to death there are people out here who won't/ don't buy what they are peddling or see the world as they do. Keep it up. You may get a rude awakening. This article was written with a political agenda, not even close to the definition of "cults."

— Harold Staat, Bakersfield