What a truthful and refreshing Community Voices article was published on Nov. 14 ("California's role, responsibility in global climate debate"). Author H. Steven Cronquist nailed the truth clearly and factually.

It is time to stand up for our state of California in its fight for survival against Gov. Brown and his liberal puppets. The slight increase in the average temperature is more than likely due to cyclic change as recorded throughout time. Also, natural events such as an increase in volcanic activity which spews out far more carbon than any man-created production. As Mr. Cronquist points out, we are ignoring the production of electrical energy because all of those electric cars require fossil fuels.

Living in Tehachapi, I can assure you, the wind doesn't blow every day; those wind turbines are sitting idle quite frequently. Gov. Brown is trying to create a false legacy at the expense of every California resident. We, especially lower-income residents, are taking the brunt of Brown's inept logic.

By the way, along the same lines, we were not able to capture the abundant water that fell from the heavens this year because Gov. Brown wanted to save the two remaining smelt in the delta. The fantasized high-speed rail Brown is promoting — again to build a legacy — should be scrapped, and the money put into developing a water conservation and transportation project to collect and use water in our agriculture economy, the backbone of California's industry.

— Bud Long, Tehachapi