The events culminating with a rental truck mowing down innocents on a New York bike path — events seen as a lone wolf occurrence — has again fueled President Trump to advocate throwing the baby out with the bath water. Yes, this is an example of a bad immigrant apple. But he was not a bad apple when he immigrated. He was an individual, radicalized after he came to the United States by ISIS and the convenience of the internet.

ISIS, a terrorist organization, is responsible for untold numbers of deadly attacks in dozen of countries. And if anyone wants to remember, candidate Trump announced repeatedly he had a secret plan to defeat ISIS in 100 days.

So we have two individuals which have declared ISIS as motivator in their agenda. One, successfully orchestrating a deadly attack that killed eight in New York. The other, unsuccessful in defeating the terrorist organization in 100 days.

White American males are the commonality in numerous lone wolf attacks on innocents. White Americans bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the massacre at Sandy Hook, the theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., the Las Vegas massacre and Columbine High School massacre (to name a few).

Women shooters are far and few between, so using Trump's logic, one bad apple condemns the whole. If this is to be the standard to judge, it's time that all white males be deported from the U.S. or shipped to Guantanamo, Cuba, for indefinite incarceration.

 — Wade Eagleton, Bakersfield