Wow! How did the author of “Clinton’s Action Worse Then Weiner’s” miss Hillary’s participation in child pornography in a pizza parlor in New York or the murder of Vincent Foster? Sadly, this letter demonstrates the author’s poor understanding of the American justice system and the damaging effect that propagandists have caused in the thinking of our citizens.

Our justice system requires evidence to convict. Without evidence, there can be suspicion and slander but not conviction. In the case against Weiner, there is actual physical evidence. In the case against Hillary, there has never been sufficient physical or documentary evidence for an indictment, much less a conviction. Indeed, the rational mind boggles at the absence of evidence considering the years of constant accusations and investigations. This should lead to the conclusion that either there is no evidence or that Hillary is the smartest criminal ever!

The Liar-in Chief’s constant mantra of “Crooked Hillary” or “Lock her up” or the deluge of fake information promulgated by the propagandist of Vladimir Putin do not constitute evidence but they certainly have had a damaging psychological effect on the above-referenced author and apparently on a large portion of the Republican Party.

The justice system does appear to have some inequalities. Weiner received justice — Hillary has not. The Supreme Court has made it impossible for politicians to sue for libel and win, but if ever there was a case worthy of pursuit based on present evidence, Hillary’s is it.

— William D Bezdek, Bakersfield