Like most California voters who have no desire to use marijuana, I voted with the majority to allow for recreational marijuana use in the last election for the exact reason Bakersfield City Manager Alan Tandy points to in his Community Voices op-ed piece from Oct. 20. "The drug business has been and will continue to be run by organized crime and gangs," he says. I agree.

So now that California has given the green light, why not regulate it and take a big bite out of their profit margin? I couldn't care less about any "pot of gold" revenue that city government may get from regulation. Mr. Tandy says "backyard growers can produce the product inexpensively" and "have the best price on the street." Are people really going to go out on the street to buy something they can grow in their backyard? What happened to supply and demand?

Also, maybe Mr. Tandy could recommend that the Bakersfield City Council send a letter over to Congressional House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to see about letting states write their own regulations concerning a weed that can be grown out by the pool. Considering that Bakersfield, with a population of 363,330, is in between New Orleans (378,715 population) and Tampa, Fla. (352,957).

I would think Mr. McCarthy would find a lot of his peers to be in agreement. And Bakersfield might take a step closer to electing a mayor with broad administrative authority just like Tampa and New Orleans.

— Tony Amarante, Bakersfield