The government is funding millions of dollars to the homeless issues here in Kern County. That is great, but there is a need for more homeless shelters because there are only two here in the Kern County area and they get overcrowded quickly.

If there were two more shelters built, that will eliminate the remaining people who are out on the streets because our shelters are already full. I highly doubt people would pass on a chance to be in a place where there is a roof over their heads and food to eat.

I know many of you wonder why this would be a concern to you. Well, it should be. Our hospital emergency rooms are often filled with homeless people. Some may be there for medical issues, but others could be seeking a place to stay for the night.

Homelessness brings down market value to homes in nice neighborhoods because they are squatting in some of these homes or living in the neighborhood community parks.

No, the city is not very big, but there are more homeless people out on the street than we have room to provide shelter. Once we can provide more shelters and resources for people who are homeless, the areas where most homeless people reside can become more desirable, raising home prices.

The city of Bakersfield is my hometown. I would like to see our streets devoid of all homelessness.

— Nechelle Parks, Bakersfield