I was truly inspired after reading Richard Beene's segment in the Oct. 27 Californian entitled "Cannabis." He described a 76-year-old Arvin farmer and businessman named John Trino who had been opposed to marijuana use, believing it to be a dangerous "gateway drug" that should be banned.

That was before he contracted cancer and his doctors recommended medical marijuana to deal with the nasty side-effects of the cancer treatments. Now  he credits cannabis for saving his life. Trino is now cancer-free and is an outspoken advocate for keeping cannabis from being banned in Kern County.

This story inspired me to research the topic of medicinal use of cannabis, and after reviewing many scientific journals, the near-unanimous consensus was that cannabis is not only harmless, but has very few minor side effects, and many health benefits (for pain, inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, etc).

So, after suffering from chronic migraines myself for the past 35 years, and having no luck with a variety of prescribed anti-migraine drugs, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, botox injections, etc., I thought that I would give cannabis a try. I took 3-5 drops of THC-CBD oil under my tongue after one of my many migraines began. Miraculously, within 20 minutes, the migraine was completely gone! I previously had been taking Imitrex for my migraine symptoms and, although it worked fairly well, its effectiveness was beginning to decrease.

I'm not writing this letter so much as a testimonial, as a plea to keep the local cannabis dispensaries open.

— Richard Thesken, Bakersfield