For eight years, Congressional Republicans rejected compromise. They called Obamacare illegal, environmental and consumer protection government overreach and opposed necessary infrastructure improvements, despite record numbers of unemployed. When Supreme Court Justice Scalia died, they refused to consider President Obama’s nominee.

Congress attempted to pass health care legislation without Democratic input. Their idea of high-cost, low-coverage policies did not pass. Now Republicans are presenting a tax plan without Democratic input. It allows the wealthy to avoid paying the top tax rate by funneling income through business entities, reducing their rate from 39 percent to 25 percent.

Syndicated columnist Stephen Moore lambastes the American tax system ("The five biggest reasons to hate the IRS tax code," Nov. 2). He bemoans the business tax rate and complexity of the tax code, ignoring the fact that business lobbyists created it.

Then he goes on a lunatic rant, suggesting that the IRS is comparable to the KGB. That is ridiculous. The KGB was a secret police accountable to no one and murdered people. Then he ends his column by complaining that the tax code is rigged for the rich and politically powerful. Yes, it is. The Republican tax plan does nothing to change that. But it does eliminate the deduction I could use for my husband’s Alzheimer’s care. It also eliminates the state tax deduction, so corporations can have a lower tax rate. Tell Kevin McCarthy what you think of this plan.

— Kathy Harlan, Bakersfield