Protesters across our country are tearing down statues and monuments representing events that helped shape our nation over the years. They might believe that their actions will erase or greatly minimize the importance of the historical perspective that is portrayed. Many of these protesters know very little about the historical event represented; they are just employing a violent action that meets their current desires.

But there is something that many of them do not comprehend, no matter what they do: history cannot be erased.

These events, whether deemed good or bad by our current social makeup, are what helped create a country that many people around the world aspire to move to this very day even with all our faults. Some of these events were the results of actions of people who were not perfect people at that time, but they should not be a reason to attempt the destruction of many of our historical sites that stand for the freedoms and rights that we have as citizens.

No one believes that we are a perfect country for all, but we are a big step above many other countries around the world. While we do have problems to solve, we are not even close to being the kind of country that the protesters say we are. Protesters may be able to evoke fear in weak-minded people, but they will never be able to influence those individuals who have a true understanding of our nation's history and can see what the protesters truly represent: chaos and unreasonable dissension.

To try to change the name of the John Wayne airport in Southern California because of questionable comments he made just amplifies the absurdity of the situation. Maybe he was not perfect, but just who is?

Jerry Poncetta, Bakersfield

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