Just when I thought the president of the U.S. had done and said everything possible that was an insult to this country and its citizens, he one-ups himself with more disgusting remarks attributed to him, as reported in the Atlantic Magazine. According to that report, Trump looks upon military personnel, especially those who were injured, killed or captured as “losers” and “suckers.”

During my lifetime, I have become aware of the sacrifices made by those who served. I had an uncle who was killed in World War ll. I was only 4-years-old at the time, but I remember vividly the grief of my mother and grandmother upon notification that Uncle Dan was killed. I had two other uncles who also served during that conflict. Accordingly, I find it disgusting that the aforementioned servicemen, who made the sacrifice (one ultimate) of serving their country are seen as “losers” and “suckers” in the eyes of this commander-in-chief who prides himself on his great patriotism.

In response to the president’s remarks, I will borrow the words of Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton. Upon hearing of this report, the general, whose father was killed in Vietnam, said the following to the president: “YOU’RE NO PATRIOT!”

I will end by informing Mr. Trump that, in the eyes of true patriots, Gen. Eaton’s father and the countless numbers of the U.S. military who have served their country in war and peace are not “losers” and “suckers.” They are now, and forever will be winners and heroes!

Richard Ceccarelli, Bakersfield