Regarding William Barr's recent congressional testimony on the Mueller Report, his stall tactics were blatantly obvious. During questioning, he asked several times, "Could you repeat the question," then he would slowly repeat the question out loud while displaying a pondering gesture, buying himself time to make up an answer and run down the clock at the same time. At one point, he pretended to be totally flustered while stating he had to "grapple" with the meaning of the word "suggest." He "acted" equally befuddled and dumbfounded when hearing the words "asked," "hinted" and "inferred."

Without a doubt, the game for the attorney general was to avoid telling the truth at all costs so he would not perjure himself. Any attempt at destroying him was of his own doing. He is as big a con artist as his reprehensible and amoral boss.

Denise Candia, Bakersfield