For me, there is a tipping point in every debate. It's that last grain of sand that tips the scale of justice one way or another.

The other day a Democratic congressman said it all. Is it acceptable for a mayor to tell the chief of police to manufacture criminal investigations against the mayor's compaction for re-election? If the chief refuses, his budget will not get the money he needs for officers' overtime, and the mayor's private lawyer will act as his go-between. Is it acceptable behavior for a governor to demand that the state police chief conduct criminal investigations against the governor's compaction for re-election? If the chief refuses, then his budget will suffer. The governor's private lawyer will be the go-between.

If your answer to the above is no, then the president of the United States must be thrown out of offices for the crime of treason against our 243-year experiment called democracy. Remember if POTUS gets away with this, then nothing will prohibit the next Democratic POTUS from doing the same thing. And what about the school board member who has their own police department doing the same thing? President Nixon did the same thing using every law enforcement agency in the federal system against his enemies list. If President Trump gets away with this, then it's time to tell the French to take back the statue in the New York Harbor because our 243-year experiment is over and we failed.

Tommy Russell, Bakersfield