Recently on CNN, an anchor asked a guest why he thought Trump continues to lie to the American public when it’s often so easy to show, and prove without a doubt, that he told a lie. The guest said the anchor would need to ask the president, but I think I know how Trump would answer, if he answered truthfully, that is.

He would say that he continuously lies to the American public because he doesn’t want to tell the truth and he can get away with lying. Easily. And, so far, he’s been proven right. The Republican Party, Trump’s party, openly admits Trump lies, but then it offers every excuse in the book (and beyond) whenever there’s a public outcry because he’s told yet another falsehood. Actually, I think if someone did ask Trump why he continuously tell fibs, Trump’s true answer would be these three words: “Because I’m Trump!"

Eloise Mudge, Bakersfield