I feel very strongly that voters must vote our current president out of office. Here are some of my reasons why.

First, he has rolled back protections for clean water, clean air, clean soil, the Migratory Bird Treaty and the Endangered Species Act and opposed the National Environmental Policy Act. Citizens have fought long and hard since the 1960s to secure environmental protections. He has opened more public lands to oil and gas exploration. The Environmental Protection Agency is approving pesticides that damage bees and other pollinators and get into our food supply. His administration’s illegal actions to benefit oil and gas industries have required environmental groups to sue. These actions squander our country’s resources and cost taxpayers.

I am outraged by the president’s lack of character. He exaggerates and lies to suit his own needs. His lies create conspiracy theories, divide our country, instill fear in our citizens, defend far right extremists and make us weaker as a country. He is a vindictive bully. He rewards those who give him campaign money and flattery by placing them in positions of power for which many are not qualified. His giving cronies contracts for production and securing Personal Protection Equipment, for which they have no experience, has resulted in a hodge-podge response to the coronavirus. He has fired inspectors general, many for simply doing their job, so there is much less oversight. As a fiscal conservative, I find this scandalous!

He has meddled in our military justice system and undermined military ethics. President Trump’s consolidation of political power and contempt of Congress hurts our system of checks and balances. He is limiting access to health care to entire groups of people at a time when we need to limit the spread of COVID-19. He and his administration have rolled back protections to entire groups of people. He lacks compassion and empathy, mocking people with disabilities and denigrating gold star families. This is not leadership!

Our national ideals and aspirations are what made our country great. Sadly, he is undermining all our principles, ideals and aspirations.

Penelope LePome, Ridgecrest

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