For a while now President Donald Trump has been claiming that "crime is running rampant" in what he has referrd to as Democrat-run cities. But Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood in Friday's Community Voices piece endorsing a NO vote on Proposition 25 regarding bail reform states that in Kern County "we have seen a disturbing increase in violent crime and homicides" ("COMMUNITY VOICES: Prop 25 will make us less safe," Sept. 18). The sheriff makes the point twice about rising violent crime.

Everybody knows that Kern County is not a Democratic stronghold and that Sheriff Youngblood, although he's been elected to a non-partisian office, doesn't hide his robust support for President Trump very well. Both men can't be telling the truth if they're asserting different things? Maybe the real truth of this apparent contradiction is that Kern County might be better off if it leaned less Republican and more Democratic.

Tony Amarante, Bakersfield