The ongoing attack on Kern's oil and gas industry should scare locals to death. Without the tax dollars they generate, all local police, fire and other community services will suffer irreparably. Kern County lives directly or vicariously off of oil and agriculture. There is nothing else. Stores and restaurants will fold without the dollars spent by oil employees. No debate.

With that in mind, why would anybody, with the exceptions of liberal arts students and their professors, welfare recipients and the chronically deluded, vote for a Democrat? At every level of elected position, even locally, they march in goose step with Newsom and Pelosi in their anti-oil and gas industry jihad.

Never mind that all of this climate change foolishness is a pointless exercise in futility. Climate science is about as scientific as political science.

This letter will fall on deaf ears of many, but to those of you who actually work for a living and would like to keep your job, and would rather not see your utility bills triple (again), please pay attention to who you vote for. It matters a lot.

Steve Clark, Bakersfield