Stray and loose dogs are killing our pets. Just a day or two ago, a white pit bull jumped a fence and killed two dogs in their own yard. As a result, the police cited the owners of the pit bull, but this killer dog was also given back to the owners. Why? Why wasn’t a proven dangerous animal like this euthanized? What if next time it gets out (and it will) and attacks a child, which is a very real possibility as Longfellow Elementary School is smack dab in the middle of the area where this attack took place.

And this incidence is one of many that happens regularly in the northeast area of Alta Vista, bordered by Union, Bernard and Niles. Three years ago, I was walking my two dogs, a poodle and a chihuahua, and without warning, two youngish pit bulls mixes attacked the poodle. Fortunately, he lived. So far, I have paid close to $1,000 in vet bills for two separate attacks on my dogs. And many of my neighbors have told me their pet cats have also been killed by loose dogs.

For these reasons, I am asking the city of Bakersfield and Kern County to eliminate this danger from our neighborhood so we can safely walk our dogs and save our cats. But most importantly, ensure the safety of children walking to and from school by eliminating the potential danger of loose and stray dogs.

Judith Randall, Bakersfield

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