This is in response to a recent letter, which sounded a lot like "baiting" to me ("Letter to the Editor: Tell us who has your vote," Dec. 2). No, I’m not in favor of sanctuary cities nor providing free health care to those here illegally. If the primary were to be held today, I’d vote for Amy Klobuchar, a moderate Midwesterner, as opposed to some candidates who are far too left for my tastes.

I’d love to discuss "compromise" on any number of issues, but your far-right friends in high places are vocal and vociferous in opposition to any common ground. I’d be willing to compromise on abortion, taxes, guns and even on such subjects as fracking.

You are right about one thing: I won't vote for Trump, under any circumstances. He’s the most objectionable, obnoxious, arrogant liar/cheater to ever enter the White House, even including visitors who tour the building.

I’d ask the letter writer why they and fellow Republicans are so adamantly opposed to budget deficits when Congress and the White House are led by Democrats, but never mention it during Republican administrations? Another lie from Trump: “The economy will improve so much that we’ll balance the budget despite the tax cuts.” And, yes, the tax cuts were primarily beneficial to the wealthiest folks around. We’ll see someday, I hope, how much he benefits from those, if the courts force him to comply with that promise.

Ted Johnson, Tehachapi