I live in a high fire-risk area and fully support the grid shutdowns. I do not understand how some cannot comprehend the risk. One letter writer even claimed that the shutdowns have not prevented fires ("Letter to the Editor: Outages aren't helping," Oct. 29). That's adding ignorance to foolhardiness. How could he know? And are these objectors aware of the huge devastation that lately has been wrought upon many Californians by fire due to electrical malfunction by wind?

Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Elizabeth the First and Napoleon managed to live fine lives. Without electricity. For their entire lives. I don't want my home endangered so someone can continue playing Nintendo.

I am not an engineer, but it seems the solution here is stronger transmission equipment able to withstand flying debris. The wind tunnel at the NASA facility in the Bay Area could perhaps be used for testing. Even burying cables is a possibility.

The power companies are no angels and causing horrid fires through misapplication of their equipment is probably their worst sin. But they get nothing out of shutting down the grid but criticism from fools.

Harold Stanford, Bear Valley Springs