Trumpsters, I have spent the last three years trying to understand your state-of-mind and your ideological beliefs that lead you to be so loyal to President Trump. He does not represent deep-seated traditional beliefs in Republican Party values. He is opposed to free trade, international agreements and balanced budgets. What is his attraction? Do you support grabbing women by the crotch? Do you support labeling all Latinx as murderers and rapists?

You claim to be “constitutionalists,” but you are opposed to the clear power of the House to investigate the executive branch. You didn’t seem to be so opposed to Congress investigating the executive branch when it involved the Obama administration and Benghazi. Why was that? The power of Congress to impeach the president is clear and concise. It gets to decide and make the rules. What part of this do you not understand? What part of this leads to your labeling the process as a witch hunt and an illegal process?

Must I remind you that President Nixon tried the same strategy. When he secretly ordered his minions to make contact with the South Vietnam government to curtail the Johnson administration’s peace negotiations, even the leader of the Republican congressional caucus called it treason. How is that any different from what Mr. Trump has done? Are you willing to support another criminal? I am anxious to hear from you.

David Richmond, Bakersfield