So, to be a Trump supporter is to be a patriot, implying the reverse that to be anit-Trump is to be anti-American? That seems to be the insidious suggestion of the opening paragraph of the Sept. 20 story ("Trump supporters out in force with truck rally in northwest") describing the “Corona Trump Cruise.” No masks there, I'm guessing? “Patriotism was on full display when a group of local Donald Trump supporters took to the streets Saturday morning.”

On the other hand, I can understand why the organizer of the event believes that “Donald Trump needs our help.”

His image has definitely taken major hits recently with the revelations that a man who avoided service to our country thinks with contempt of our true patriots he describes as “losers” and “suckers”; the hearing of his own words by our own ears stating that although he was well aware of the deadliness of the virus, he deliberately chose to downplay it to our great and continuing national detriment; and the daily increasing list of former insiders who, as first-hand observers of the real Trump, are all but shouting from the housetops that he is a real and present danger to the very foundations of our great country. There is a great deal to consider these days. Vote.

— Zoa Duffy, Bakersfield