In response to the recent guest editorial (“COMMUNITY VOICES: Newsom needs to take care of us better,” July 27), concerning the “surface expression” in Chevron’s Cymric Oil Field operations, the writer neglects multiple facts. When you’re in the business of producing oil for the benefit of all of us to use, it is never desirable to lose any product. That is why the company, working closely with state regulators, is in the process of vacuuming up (mostly) water and oil to recover this valuable product. In so doing, the State Water Resources Control Board confirms that there have been no impacts to any drinking water supplies and or to wildlife according to state regulators.

I actually spoke with Gov. Newsom when he visited McKittrick to review the spill and was encouraged by his reasoned response and praise for the impressive cleanup effort. He also noted that the high-performing elementary school that he was standing in was entirely the result of a robust and engaged oil industry, while admitting he benefited in his travel that day thanks to a fossil fuel powered airplane and vehicle. The strong, independent people of Kern County’s westside don’t need any politicians to “take care of us,” rather we need them to support the hardworking people who are providing the affordable energy used by 40 million Californians under the strictest environmental regulations in the nation.

Dave Noerr, mayor of Taft