Is there going to be something done about the constant street racing on the Westside Parkway that happens almost every night between 11:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m., especially Thursday through Saturday? Just last week I got caught in the middle of a race. They stop on the freeway and won’t let you by and then one wrecked and so I had to maneuver my way through 25 to 30 stopped cars taking up the whole Mohawk off-ramp. I call the police but I never see a cop on the parkway that time of the evening, which is crazy.

The authorities must know it’s going on, or are they just turning a blind eye until an innocent person like me is injured or killed? Racing also happens a lot on California Avenue, so much so it’s pretty much a track from California down Real Road to Stockdale Highway back to California. I have to listen to it all night long every night. Cars and motorcycles think Real Road is their drag strip. I quit calling the authorities because nothing happens.

I live on Real Road and since the 58 at Real has been shut down, traffic between Stockdale Highway and California Avenue is unbearable. It’s a 30 mph zone (between Stockdale and Palm) but people believe 50 mph is the speed to go. It’s very dangerous because it’s a narrow street with lots of street parking. We need more patrols on residential streets, and people need to get off their phones while driving and slow down.

Cheryl Claypool, Bakersfield