Here is what I know: Kern County leads the state in homicide rates for 2017 and 2018. We need additional revenue to get the Sheriff’s Office staffed to an acceptable level. The Kern County Board of Supervisors forced Sheriff Donny Youngblood to single-handedly lead the 2018 election effort for a raise in the sales tax. The sheriff was on the correct side of the issue, but unfortunately his management style has led to behaviors on the part of his deputies that have cost the citizens of Kern County millions of unnecessary dollars. The sheriff does not have a lot of goodwill built up here and his effort failed by a large margin.

So now the Bakersfield 3 has picked up the baton. I applaud these ladies and respect their efforts. How about the members of the Board of Supervisors work with these ladies and do all it can to get a sales tax increase on the 2020 ballot. Then supervisors could step up like the leaders they are elected to be and work to get the votes to pass the increase. I know it won’t be popular to many, and may impact the reelection of some, but it’s past time for them to step up and represent their constituents rather than their own personal ambitions.

Between the sales tax fiasco and the ongoing medical marijuana mess, it’s time for the supervisors to try and help this county, rather than fiddling while it decays even more.

Terry Beals, Bakersfield