I was born in a country that was taken over by a small fringe group in a coup d’etat led by Muammar Gaddafi. Libya, 50 years later, is a destroyed country with a president, prime minister and president of House of Representatives that are all “disputed.”

Watching what happened on Wednesday at the United States Capitol from the moment Arizona’s electoral votes were disputed, whether I agree or not, was their right. Watching the peaceful protesters watch President Trump speak and march, whether I agree or not, was, again, their right.

But watching a fringe group walk into our Capitol was horrible. Watching them break windows with the shields they took from officers, break into and go into our elected officials' office and wreak havoc (someone was shot and killed so it could not be called a bloodless coup), while our amazing Secret Service, Capitol police, staffers and elected officials are being terrorized — this is not their right!

Look, the Capitol police should have been more prepared, but I also watched, listened and learned that our police must respond less violently. Obviously we need to find a better happier median.

I live in America, am a patriot and proudly became a voting citizen. We must be better.

Joanne Barrick, Bakersfield