At midnight Friday night, after the Senate voted no on witnesses and documents, after the TV cameras were gone, the Justice Department, in lockstep with the president, informed the courts that it would not hand over any subpoenaed documents.

Just hours earlier, Trump's lawyers argued that Democrats must work through those courts to get the documents they needed to conduct a fair trial for the people.

The underhandedness of this administration is unprecedented.

They hope you're not paying attention.

The Republicans in the Senate are crossing out portions of the Constitution with Trump's infamous sharpie for their own selfish political purposes. History will judge them harshly.

In 1787, after the forming of our system of government, Benjamin Franklin was asked, "Do we have a monarchy or a republic?" Franklin replied, "A republic, if we can keep it."

Until this week, we had kept that republic for 230 years. This group of Republican senators, for the first time in history, has given the United States of America what we said we would never tolerate. We now have an emperor, a dictator, a king.

Michael Gresham, Bakersfield