I completely agree that we should all be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. It’s the best way to prevent the spread of the virus and keep our businesses open.

What I do take issue with is other failures from businesses to protect us. I have seen businesses put up plastic shields to protect their employees but have done little to protect us. Requiring employees to wear gloves looks good but does little unless they are constantly replacing them. The moment an employee touches someone’s money or items that they touched, the gloves are contaminated and will spread potential germs. If they truly want to protect us and their employees, businesses should require their employees to change gloves after every customer or wash their hands.

In addition, I have seen that stores are placing a plastic screen over credit card keypads. Again, it looks good, but once the first person uses it, the screen is contaminated and begins to spread germs to all those who use it afterward. As I wait in line, I have seen that stores are not sanitizing keypads or self checkout areas after each customer. This is potentially dangerous to us customers.

The store that does it correctly is Target on Ming Avenue. They have an employee sanitize the whole self checkout station after each customer. It takes longer but is worth the wait. Local businesses, please follow their example and protect your customers.

Luis Valladares, Bakersfield

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