I am surprised that a learned man who can espouse the tenets of the Constitution with clarity of purpose would then progress into assumptions of "unity" in our country — suggesting we are in a utopian state. Rather, our country's "great experiment" is continuing to evolve and improve, and where we may never reach nirvana except at the final passion — only God knows this.

In the meantime, our union is based upon a collective of "states' rights" government, as notably argued during the Constitution's formation. States charged with correcting or improving voting rights laws are honing in on protecting the rights of legitimate citizen votes — to assure their votes have meaning and not diluted from external forces. It certainly would discourage crossing borders (both foreign and domestic) to pack the preferred voter concerns.

This is not intended to condemn those without citizen identification. Every citizen, born or naturalized, has had at one time or another an assumed I.D. in the U.S. that may be used for legitimate purposes. We should be helping those individuals of poor stewardship maintaining this I.D., rather than condemning opportunities for improvement "to reach a goal of a perfect union."

— Brad Henderson, Bakersfield