Sam Morgen’s article on TRIP funds indicated that millions of dollars would be available for street improvements in the city in the near future (“Millions for Bakersfield road projects to become available each year after city finishes TRIP without bonds,” April 4). Who is going to make those decisions, as to where these funds are used, Nick Fidler, the Public Works director, or Alan Tandy, the city manager? I would hope they would seek recommendations from the public since we are the ones driving those roads with potholes and numerous other hazards.

One area comes to my mind: the Panama Lane and Old River Road intersection. That is a one-lane street headed west on Panama, which is a very busy intersection with new housing going on in that area. Why hasn’t the railroad fixed its crossing on Panama so that a four-lane road can be extended? I’m sure other citizens would like to see better roads and intersections corrected in other areas as well.

Also, one of my main concerns is being able to make a left turn in an intersection when there is no oncoming traffic. It’s called Yield on Green signs, for your information, Public Works department. There are many minor intersections in town which would safely adjust to that type of traffic change. Los Angeles has many such signs even with major intersections. I’m sure Bakersfield could adjust. This would also help the pollution situation if we didn’t have to sit in a left-turn lane for several minutes with no oncoming traffic. I’d be happy to be part of a committee advising the city on how to spend this money.

Betsy Gosling, Bakersfield