Recently cyclist Rachel McKinnon won another gold medal for the Masters Track Cycling World Championships. The trouble with this? McKinnon is a biological man who transitioned to a woman. McKinnon transitioned at 29-years-old — an age where testosterone and male biological development has firmly cemented itself in the body, creating a significant physical advantage which leads to males tending to be physically more powerful than females. Don't believe that this advantage exists? The Olympics are a respected organization where men and women compete separately as a cause of this physical difference. If one of the world’s greatest displays of athletic ability acknowledges this distinction, then logic would dictate that other organizations do as well.

Since this clear disparity in the biological composition between males and females exists, why are we allowing men to not only compete in women's sports, but to absolutely demolish all competitors who are women? This unfairness directly hurts female athletes who no longer have to merely contend with other dedicated females, but now must compete with individuals who are naturally imbued with prominent physical advantages. By allowing men to compete with women, athletes are being robbed of their excruciatingly hard work and dedication to achieve greatness by people who were simply born with XY chromosomes.

To me, this truly seems like oppression.

Kevin Lara, Bakersfield