Now that the election is over, and the results are being certified, we can look back and see what the failings of the current administration were. President Donald Trump should have been re-elected in a landslide, but due to his divisiveness and fear mongering he drove the true conservatives and independent voters away from him. Sure, he kept his crazy base, but you cannot win a re-election without bringing new people into your fold.

All he needed to do was three things. First, be empathetic to people and genuinely care about bringing the country together. It has been obvious the last four years that Trump, and his family think of themselves first and then everyone else. His “what’s in it for me attitude” is disgusting. Second, have a health care plan to replace what you were trying to take away from the people. For four years we have heard of the “greatest” health care plan ever from the Republicans, you will see it in two weeks, but it has never materialized? Third, be a leader, stand in front of the American people and tell them the truth, have a plan for the COVID-19 other than just saying it will magically go away. Believe in science and use it to your advantage. Stop saying you know more than the doctors, you do not! And stop belittling their knowledge.

His authoritarian style of leadership will never work in the U.S. We just need the GOP to get a little backbone and realize what a loser this guy really is.

Jeff Leonard, Bakersfield