The title of this piece is inexcusably hyperbolic because President Trump has perpetrated many more prolific and profitable scams in his long and illustrious career as a conman. However, I am hopeful that my title did catch your attention long enough to get you to read this because it could save you some money.

Although President Trump definitely lost his reelection bid in a most resounding way, his lying about mail-in ballots and the impossibility of his losing in a free and fair election spewed during his campaign created the perfect setup for his current grift. President Trump has a website where good folks can donate money to help him to win election via the courts. That effort would normally be perfectly OK except for the fine print that hides the real scam. You see, the fine print states that only donations over $8,000 will go toward fighting the costly legal battles. What's the unspecified implication? The rest will get stuffed into Trump's pockets upon leaving The White House. Yes, most of the donations received via the website are smaller than $8,000.

So, why would Trump concede any sooner than necessary? He has millions of adoring fans he knows he can fleece before his departure. Sadly, I am not making this up. Trump's last, best grift is to take advantage of his most ardent supporters. Are you donating to Trump's going away grift? Read the fine print!

Steven Pearson, Bakersfield

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