Congressman Kevin McCarthy's sycophantic relationship with President Donald Trump never ceases to amaze. McCarthy has once again come to the defense of the president's troubling actions. McCarthy's partisanship is so entrenched there is apparently nothing the president can do to warrant reproach from the congressman — a troubling matter, considering McCarthy's position of power.

It seems like every week there is a new revelation highlighting the corruption of the Trump administration, faithfully followed by a defense from McCarthy, who tries to downplay the severity of the actions. Suspicious use of Trump resorts by government officials and the military? "It's just like any other hotel," according to McCarthy. Suggesting a quid pro quo to a foreign country to dig up dirt on a political opponent? A "routine conversation" in McCarthy's eyes. All of this from a man, who behind closed doors, told colleagues he thought "(Vladimir) Putin pays" Trump.

McCarthy has repeatedly demonstrated his unwavering devotion to Trump. Ideally, McCarthy should take his responsibility as House minority leader seriously and hold Trump accountable for his corrupt actions. However, it appears McCarthy will continue his entrenched partisan ways in order to curry favor with the president. McCarthy was recently singled out by the president during a speech, who commented on McCarthy's "beautiful, political face." Trump clearly knows he can count on "my Kevin."

Jeb Blain, Bakersfield