So sad that some people have elected a congressmen like Adam Schiff. He is clearly way over his head. Schiff is having his dream come true and is now ruling like a dictator. His constant interruptions of Republicans' ability to ask questions from Schiff's witnesses in the impeachment inquiry is overbearing. This inquiry started behind closed doors and was orchestrated as if it was a Broadway play rehearsal.

They have no reason to impeach President Trump — all I see are unproven opinions from Democrats being slung on a silicone wall that slides opinions down as fast as the fact witnesses (Schiff's label, certainly not mine) can throw at it. This has to end, and I believe that there will be no impeachment. Why? Because of Democrats' unconstitutional approach to the matter. I have not seen the words hearsay, presume and opinion mentioned in the Constitution that causes grounds for impeachment.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was asked if she knew of any bribery and said no. Yovanovitch testified that former Vice President Joe Biden pushed to remove Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. She said it was in line with the policy of the U.S. and other countries, but that sounds like an impeachable crime to me.

So sad that she was used as a pawn for the witch hunt of an innocent victim: President Donald Trump.

Trenton Spears, Bakersfield