Trump is at it again. He’s mindlessly tossing around insults and threatening to cut off federal funds that help fight California wildfires. He’s also lecturing Gov. Newsom, saying he should “get his act together,” and manage California’s forests better by sweeping leaves off the ground.

Sadly, Trump can’t tell the difference between a forest fire, the terrible fires caused by poorly maintained utility lines and the high winds whipping through the state, exacerbating the metro fires in areas of Southern California. These are not all forest fires.

Worse yet, Trump has yet again lowered the bar of indecency, and is playing politics with the lives and property of Californians, all for his sick, self-centered political purposes.

Another very important detail we, and Trump, should keep in mind — most of those so-called “federal funds” that Trump is threatening to cut originated here in California. California sends billions in tax dollars to the federal government each year, and in exchange, we get very little in the way of government services. We get less than a dollar in return, compared to all the other states in the nation. In fact, California’s tax dollars help subsidize many other states throughout the country. Not that I mind most of the time, until some ungrateful, petty politician starts making infantile threats during a crisis.

If Trump cuts any “so-called federal funds,” we should all urge Gov. Newsom and the California Legislature to deduct an equal amount from the California tax dollars that we send to Washington, D.C., throughout the year.

Another thing we should do is telephone Trump’s “My Kevin,” McCarthy and insist that he stand up for California. Kevin’s local office is 661-327-3611, and his D.C. office number is 202-225-2915. Sadly, Kevin constantly needs to be reminded that he is a representative of the state of California, and he should put California and its families first.

Mary Helen Barro, Bakersfield