I am a senior who has multiple sclerosis, COPD and have had in the past multiple blood clots in my legs and lungs. I’ve been considered by some to be in very poor condition. These may be my health issues, but they don’t define me as a person. God did give me a brain, too, which is working perfectly. A brain that makes decisions day in and day out.

One such decision I made on May 5 to get a COVID-19 test. I bundled myself up with hat, mask and gloves and headed to the fairgrounds testing place. On May 8, my brother’s birthday, I got the word, “negative,” on my report.

Why am I giving you good people of Kern County this information? Because staying indoors, away from other people during this pandemic, is the wisest choice!

I’ve been nowhere since April 5, except my doctor’s office and Dollar General right after, where at least 75 percent of the people in there had no masks or gloves, and to the fairgrounds once.

Please, stay home and only go out for essentials. If you must go, again, please wear masks and gloves to keep us all safe. When I go to my doctor again on May 26, I don’t want to run into you. I need to stay negative!

Vicki K. Jameson, Bakersfield