In a recent Letter to the Editor on bike paths (“Letter to the Editor: It’s called a ‘bike trail’ for a reason,” April 14), it states, “I thought a bike trail was for bikes?” and laments that, “everyday I ride the bike path and I’m always having to stop because people are walking three abreast or walking their dogs.” The writer believes, “that’s why they have sidewalks. The bike path is for bikes, not for you to walk your dog and block bike riders.”

This would be all the more objectionable, were it only true. The “bike trail” is but a nickname given to the Kern River Parkway Multi-use Trail. According to its website (, “The Kern River Parkway Trail is a 32-mile paved path that provides opportunities for recreation, the safe commute path for walkers, runners, and bicyclists.” It is not too much to say that, in fact, walkers and runners far outnumber cyclists in terms of everyday use, with some sections of the Parkway even being approved for equestrian access.

In any event, the parkway is designed for the enjoyment of all and, for the most part, cyclists, walkers, runners and equestrians manage to peacefully share the path on a daily basis. There are, of course, those cyclists behaving as though the parkway were for their exclusive use, as well as groups of runners/walkers who do run three and four abreast, unmindful of cyclists and other runners who may well be overtaking them, but such are the exceptions. As ever, learning to share recreational resources and facilities is an ongoing and valuable process.

Peter Wonderly, Vancouver, WA

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