In the May 24 Opinion Hits & Misses, a “Miss” was outlined concerning cycling in Bakersfield, and a link for residents to make comments about bike ridership was provided. I attempted to use the site, but the site was not user friendly. I gave up trying to use it.

Bicycles on Bakersfield’s streets have been an issue since the ’80s when I was the safety officer for the Kern Wheelman. The Kern River Parkway is an amazing asset to the city because it provides east to west access for walkers, runners and cyclists from Allen Road to Alfred Harrell Highway without taking any surface streets; however, Bakersfield does not have any good north to south access routes without taking a very busy surface street.

As an example, Allen Road, Buena Vista, Old River/Calloway, Gosford/Coffee, Ashe, New Stine/California, etc. The traffic is fast and some of the bike lanes are in bad shape, narrow or have some trash in them. In addition, people texting/talking on cellphones, speeding and aggressive driving toward cyclists are major issues. I avoid riding down any of the streets listed above because it is high risk to ride on these streets. Riding a bicycle on Bakersfield streets is not safe or enjoyable with or without bike lanes.

Tom Payne, Bakersfield