The Sunday editorial (“OUR VIEW: Don’t count on cowardly politicians; demand answers,” Aug. 11) made me say to myself, "YES, YES, YES!"

The editorial covered every aspect of the horrible massacre that is becoming prevalent in our country today.

I have two questions: when are our elected politicians going to do anything meaningful to address this terrible tragedy, and why in the world are assault weapons sold in the U.S., much less manufactured, in the first place?

I believe in the right to bear arms, but the NRA has gone way beyond sanity.

Thank you for your most welcome and encouraging editorial. You made my day.

Shannon Groves ("COMMUNITY VOICES: Kern County’s way of life is under attack," Aug. 11) and Froma Harrop’s ("Economy not so rosy for the middle class," Aug. 11) opinion pieces on the same page deserve plaudits as well.

Rita Loken, Bakersfield