Today I heard a message by Congressman Kevin McCarthy that the job of Congress is to legislate and to "make tomorrow better than today." I believe he forgot the most important role of members of Congress and that is to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies, both foreign and domestic." This is found in the pledge he and other members of Congress take at the beginning of each congress. Therefore, every two years he has said it with his right hand raised.

The issue before Congress is did the president, using his office, take steps to undermine the Constitution? That is the primary role of Congress, to find evidence if it is true.

Just as all of us are protected by laws from people who try to do us harm, so too is the Constitution protected. How you ask? By giving one branch the power to decide if another branch is causing or trying to bring harm, to weaken the Constitution. That power is called impeachment. The House becomes the police or prosecution. Its role is to establish facts and look for a motive. Then the Senate becomes the jury. Sounds like all those Perry Mason-like TV shows of the past.

Congressmen McCarthy needs to go back to his civics book he had at Bakersfield High School and read the chapter about the powers of Congress. That should refresh his memory and remind him of the oath he has taken every two years.

Harry Love, Bakersfield