In a recent opinion piece, the writer stated, “the four-year nightmare is just about over,” then espoused great disdain for our president and all who supported him, even making a point to call out Christians (“Letter to the Editor: Tolerance or hypocrisy?” Nov. 12). Though he used the term Christian fundamentalists, from what I gathered from the hate exuded in his piece, I believe he meant all Christians.

It would be redundant to revisit the list of wrongdoings he accused the president of, so I won’t waste valuable words there, but I would ask the letter writer if his understanding of four years of “nightmare” includes: nearly 4 million jobs created, more Americans employed than ever recorded in our history, the creation of more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs, unemployment claims at a 49-year low (to include numbers for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and women), signing of the VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act to greatly improve health care for our veterans, economic growth far outreaching that of the previous administration and nearly 3.9 million Americans finding no further need for food stamps because they were gainfully employed. I could go on, but hopefully I made my point. Oh, and I offer the above from research.

In reference to your “nightmare” analogy, I dare say we have yet to see what is to come from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Joe Biden appears to be feeble beyond his years and may not see the end of his term. A real nightmare would be having Kamala Harris president of this great country.

Ernie Bentley, Bakersfield