Very good article on Bakersfield's country music scene ("Is country music dying in Bakersfield, a city once called Nashville West?" Aug. 3). 

I was in my early 20s in the 1950s. Bakersfield was the country musical capital of the West Coast. My friends and I, since we lived in Taft, would head to Bakersfield on Saturday nights. Our first stop was the Cotton Club on Edison Highway. Bonnie Owens was the singing cocktail waitress. Our next stop was the Lucky Spot where Billy Mize was the headliner. Next was Union Avenue to the Rainbow Gardens, which was my favorite spot. The big names came there. Lefty Frizzell, Little Jimmy Dickens, Ferlin Husky, better know as Terry Preston in those days, Maddox Brothers and Rose and many more. The last stop was The Blackboard. Buck Owens, Meryl Haggard, Jelly Sanders, Dallas Frazier, Tommy Collins and many more played there. They were all so young. Those were the days. Good old country music. 

Patricia Blanco, Wasco